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With uterine aplasia, the following signs of anatomical underdevelopment of the uterus are determined: with grade 1, deviations do not go beyond 1-2 cm from the normal size of the uterus; at grade 2, the uterus is reduced to 3 cm; at grade 3, the uterus is already completely absent, representing a rudiment.

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The stage of aplasia is determined by a detailed examination. Forms of uterine aplasia depend on how other organs are involved in the pathology. Most often, with uterine aplasia, vaginal aplasia also occurs, when this organ has a significant narrowing. With aplasia of the cervix, the underdevelopment of Cenforce is most pronounced in the cervical region, which does not allow pregnancy to occur.

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Occasionally, uterine aplasia can be detected at an early age with an occasional ultrasound examination.

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This can happen if the mother is puzzled by the girl's complaints of pain during defecation or urination. The main triad of symptoms of dysplasia in all patients are the absence of menstruation, abdominal pain and the inability to become pregnant. For the correct diagnosis, methods are usually used: interviewing the patient; gynecological examination; vaginoscopy; delivery of laboratory tests (blood, urine, sowing a smear from the vagina, etc.); screening (especially hormonal); Ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic organs; laparoscopy; MRI.

Timely diagnosis of aplasia is especially important, since the main function of the female body is reproductive. It is important to establish the correct diagnosis, as well as the degree and form of aplasia, which will allow the woman to choose the right method of cenforce the disease.

At the stage of collecting an anamnesis, it is important to find out everything about the monthly cycle: when it began and how it was established. In most girls with aplasia, the cycle begins late or there are no periods at all, although there should be a cycle by age.

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It is in the absence of a normal monthly cycle that it is important for a woman to undergo a particularly thorough examination.

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At the stage of vaginal examination, it is determined whether the changes have affected the cervix and vagina, as well as the cervical canal. In this case, there may be a narrowing of the vagina or deformation of the cervix. In some situations, the vagina is so narrow that it is impossible to even examine the woman. Also, with aplasia, it is often impossible to determine the size of the uterus (due to its small size) orand it is not possible to detect the uterus at all.

Analyzes are necessary to exclude the presence of infection in the genitals during treatment. When prescribing hormonal screening, the doctor determines the degree of cenforce of the ovaries and the preservation of their normal function. This is necessary to exclude pathologies similar in symptoms to aplasia. A feature of aplasia is the preservation of normal hormonal levels in a woman's body.

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Often this form of aplasia occurs in utero with pituitary insufficiency in a pregnant woman.

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A mandatory diagnostic method is smears to detect bacterial flora and determine the degree of purity of the vagina. This allows you to prescribe the treatment correctly, taking into account the presence of bacterial flora or specific genital infections. A smear is necessary before any gynecological treatment.

Ultrasound is considered the most informative diagnostic method. It allows you to accurately determine the presence of uterine aplasia and related pathologies. By ultrasound, you can judge the size of the uterus, its shape, location and condition. The condition and patency of the vagina is also determined, as well as the condition of the endometrium and its thickness.

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For aplasia, the normal state of the ovaries and their functions are typical, as well as the complete preservation of ovulation.

The most diagnostic information methods are MRI or CT. These methods most accurately allow you to examine the genitals, make their full measurement and identify pathologies. Often, with aplasia, a consultation of a geneticist and an endocrinologist is prescribed, especially if it is combined with other pathologies. Methods for the treatment of uterine aplasia.

The choice of methods for the treatment of aplasia is associated with the form of the disease and its stage. Surgery is usually used for complicated aplasia and associated pain, or when menstrual blood is retained in the uterus or vagina.

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Before surgery, oral hormonal drugs are used to stop menstruation (Triptorelin, Ganirelix, Danodiol, etc.).

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Treatment of uterine aplasia is usually done by methods: colpoelongation; laparoscopic method of peritoneal colpopoiesis; classical method of peritoneal colpopoiesis. Let us briefly consider the essence of these methods of treatment.

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The colpoelongation method is a conservative treatment that allows you to lengthen the vagina. A woman uses a colpoelongation session three times a day for 20 minutes. It usually takes 11 months of such therapy to stretch the vagina.
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This method is used in cases where surgical treatment of aplasia is contraindicated. Complications of cenforce pills can be manifested by dryness and soreness of the vagina during proximity, as well as prolapse of the walls of the stretched vagina.

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In the laparoscopic colpopoiesis method, peritoneal flaps are used to form the vagina of cenforce length. With this technique, the risk of surgical complications (especially damage to internal organs) is minimal and the rehabilitation period is minimal.


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The method of classical colpopoiesis is performed with an incision in the abdominal cavity. With this method, complications are not uncommon and the requirements for the skill of the surgeon are especially high. After such treatment, a long period of rehabilitation is required.

Operations for aplasia are carried out with different volumes of intervention. Often, with pain or incomplete discharge of blood, the woman's uterus is completely removed, leaving only the vagina to preserve sexual function.

Occasionally, with a slight pathology and maintaining normal patency of the cervical canal, a woman with uterine aplasia manages to become a mother. More often for women with uterine aplasia, the only way to become a mother is through surrogacy.

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